About Rishikesh

"The World Capital Of Yoga"

About Rishikesh

200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Gateway of Himalaya and the world Capital of yoga Rishikesh Translated means "The city sages"

"Hṛṣīkeśa" is a name of Vishnu that means ‘lord of the senses’. The root words Hrishik and ish join together to make Hrishikesh. Hrishik means Senses and ish means master or Lord. Hence the word means Lord of Senses or Lord Vishnu. The place gets its name after Lord Vishnu who appeared to ‘Raibhya Rishi’,as a result of his tapasya (austerities), as Lord Hrishikesh. In skanda purana, this area is known as ‘Kubjamrak’ as Lord Vishnu appeared, under a mango tree. Another legend says that fierce fire broke out here. Lord Shankar was angry with Lord Agni and cursed him. Then Lord Agni prayed here for the expiation of his sins. Hence it is also known as Agni Tirth – The holy place to penance of Lord Agni or Fire God.

The tradition of yoga was born in India several thousand years ago. Its founders were the Rishis and Maharishis, great saints and sages practicing in the Himalayas . Rishikesh is the gateway of Himalaya which is the most popular spiritual place for seekers.it is also known as a world renowned capital of yoga. Every year thousands of practitoner coming from across the world to practice Yoga Meditation. There are several yoga centers in Rishikesh as well. Rishikesh is also known for world capital of yoga, International yoga festival is held by uttarakhand toruism every year in March first week. where teachers and practitioners from 50 countries come to celebrate this festival. this festival gives an opportunity to attend yoga class with world famous yoga teachers.

Mira Yogashala always aims in keeping the orginality of the Yoga as it is. The main pupose of starting Mira Yogashala is to help people rediscover their body and transform it in such a way that you will reconnect with the soul.

Great Sages and Yogis have been practiced in Rishikesh and this is what makes this place special and full of energies. as Rishikesh is the foot hills of Himalaya, Holy Ganges is flowing all the way from its origin place called “Gangotri”, which is only 250km far away from Rishikesh. According to Vedic and hindu culture, it is says that if you have 3 dips in holy Ganges removes all impuriteis and sins. This is what makes this place special. Rishikesh is surrounded with Ashrams and Temples where always some yoga activites and rituals going on. Several ancient temples and caves belongs to this ancient place. Every year most popular pilgrimage begins from rishikesh to himalyas oldest and ancient temples. so Rishikesh acts as an enetry point which leading to the sacred places deep in the Himalayas. once people come to Rishikesh it would touch to their hearts and changes their mind and soul for better.

Sightseeing & Waterfalls

Some of these places are included in our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Neer Gaddu Waterfall

It is 3km away from Laxman jhula Tapowan on Badrinath Highway.there is small where one can bath.

Garud Chatti Waterfall

It is other side of river 4km away from Laxman jhula on Neelkanth road. It’s more beautiful during monsoon when water flows through 7 different levels.

Patna Waterfall

It is 1km away from Garud chatti waterfall on Neelkanth road. One of most beautiful waterfall. Trekking is going to bit hard during summer but once you reach there you will be spellbound. Drizzling water and cold air can bring a big smile of your face and give a feeling of heaven.

Parmarth Niketa Ashram

It is a popular ashram for its sun set Ganga Arati ceremony on bank of River. Every day in evening ceremony is filled with songs, mantras, prayers and and offer some rituals with oil lamps to Godess Ganga. People from all over the world come to visit it along with locals.

Shivananda Ashram

Swami Shivananda ji was born at Pattamadai, (Tamil Nadu) in 1887. After serving as a medical doctor in Malaya, he renounced his practice to search for his Guru in the foothills of the Himalayas. He settled in the sacred valley of Rishikesh. His ashram is situated near Ram jhula (Bridge) on the Badrinath highway. People from all over the world come to stay and practice in ashram or just to visit his Samadhi (shrine).

Char Dham Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage: The Chardham Yatra is India’s most devoted and featured part of India spiritual tour. Chardham is the most renowned and holy expedition in India that includes visiting to four glorious shrines including Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and lastly the Badrinath Dham. All these famous sacred destinations are being located in the astonishing Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand at distinct districts.